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Ninnu's Last Case

Konturen eines Charakters

Die folgende Skizze eines Charakters ist entstanden als 'solution' eines writing-exercises von Mary C. Lacro, im Rahmen der Arbeit der sciencefictionwriters. Auf der Webseite der sciencefictionwriters kann man mehr von Mary's Schreibübungen finden.
Hier ging es um die Charakterisierung einer Person durch ihre Beschreibung, das Formular für eine Charakterstudie, die englische Sprache ist der Internationalität der Gruppe geschuldet gewesen.

Name: Ninnu Villanova
Species/Race: human / samoan origin
Height: 1,80 m
Weight: 120 kg
Sex: female
Hair: black, shoulderlong, straight
Dress: mostly grey standard-suits, seldom costumes, everytime very correctly dressed, well-groomed appearance (I love my dictionary ;-))
Body type/build: athletic to stockily build, 'as wide as high'
Face: round, hazelnutbrown skin, black eyes, long and full lashes
Imperfections: bluish-black marsian 'tribal' tattoos on arms and legs (that are the Villanova Kolkhos Symbols)
Age: 25
Date of Birth: '70
Place of Birth: Villanova on Mars
Parents: Third Parent Generation of the Villanova Kolkhos (about 40 men and women in '70, now 12 women, 6 men)
Siblings: Third Sibling Generation of the Villanova Kolkhos (23 sisters, 22 brothers)
Children: (Mary, how could you forget that one??) none
Current residence: MarsOrsta
Talents: a very observant eye, a good listener, finds it easy to get a whole picture out of scattered details
Habits: adding makeoff symbols to her arm- and leg-tattoos with ballpen if been bored
Social Status: Citizen of the Peoples Republic on Mars, Permament Inhabitant of MarsOrsta
Education: standard mars-kolkhos school, Mars Police Accademy, some weeks of the MarsOrsta Police Accademy till she quits 8 years ago
Occupation: Private Eye since 7 years
Vehicle: none
Motive: (what does he/she/it WANT) to know the truth and to know it all
Motto: 'Sometime I'll go back, really. I liked it.'

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