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Newsprec glossary (new words only):

by Jack van Ipenburg

Venmachs: Vending Machines.
TravServ: Travel Service, the service that handles most of the official administration for all spaceflight. Firm name.
FruWas: Water with chemical added fruittaste, original: FruechtExtrakte beinhaltiges Wasser. Popular non-alcoholic drink. Contains chemical vitamins and chemicals to keep it cool. Brand name.
ZuKo: Zugangs Kode, entry code, password.
Datcar: DatenSpeicher, DataCarrier. NB: this doesn't say what kind of datacarrier it is, it might be anything from a punchcard to a DVD.
Fracves: Freight/Cargo vessel (see also Fracrob), or Frachtschiff.

Applied most rules from "German Newsprec" into the "English Newsprec".
Added a bit of grammar: verbs like "to use" and "using" as well as the command "use!" as well as the noun "the use" (etc) are all written with -en on the end: usen, smoken (etc). However, this is not worked out too well.


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